School bus drivers must pass physical examinations and meet other criteria as established by state and federal law and by the Nebraska Department of Education.† Bus drivers must have a valid transportation vehicle operatorís permit and shall have it in their possession when transporting students.† This does not apply to the operator of a small vehicle being used only for extracurricular activities.


The school district shall obtain a record of satisfactory driving for each pupil transportation vehicle operator. It is required that a copy of the individualís driving record be on file with the district before employment as a pupil transportation vehicle operator as defined in NDE rules. The school district shall obtain and keep on file a criminal history record of driver applicants who are not certificated Nebraska teachers or administrators through the Nebraska State Patrol and local law enforcement agency before employment as a pupil transportation vehicle operator.


School bus driver selection procedures will be developed by the superintendent and transportation director to ensure acceptance of drivers whose capabilities are commensurate with job responsibilities, including minimum requirements for a satisfactory driving record.†


Substitute pupil transportation vehicle operators shall meet the same driver requirements and qualifications as a regular pupil transportation vehicle operator. A pupil transportation vehicle operator shall not have the authority to assign a substitute without the prior approval of any school administrator or person designated by the governing school board.


All school bus drivers are required to inform the district immediately of any change in their driving or criminal records that could affect their eligibility to maintain the student transportation vehicle operatorís permit.


Pupil transportation vehicle operators shall document and report to the transportation supervisor the occurrence of any events covered by the Safe Pupil Transportation Plan that involved the pupil transportation vehicle operated by the driver, or any pupils transported in it.† The superintendent shall develop such reporting procedures.


Chain of Command

All bus driverís complaints will be presented to the transportation director and not to individual board members.† Complaints from parents or school patrons will also follow the same procedure. In the event that the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the transportation director he/she may request a special hearing at the next regular board meeting.


Legal Reference:†††††††††††††††††††† NDE Rule 91


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