Transportation will be provided by bus to students K-12 attending Mitchell schools providing their place of residence is four miles from the school on publicly maintained roads.


At the discretion of the school administrators, non-resident students may ride the school buses under the following conditions:


1.      It does not cause overloading of the bus.


2.      The driver does not make a change in the ordinary route to accommodate these students.


3.      They must get on and leave the bus at a regularly scheduled stop.


Bus transportation will not be provided for students whose residence is within the city limits, with these exceptions:


1.      Buses will transport children between the schools only if the pick up does not overload the bus.


2.      Pupils who reside in the city limits may walk to a pick-up point outside the city limits to ride the bus, again, providing that this does not cause the bus to be overloaded.


Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 79-601 et seq.



















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