Students will be promoted to the next grade level at the end of each school year based on the student's achievement, age, maturity, emotional stability, and social adjustment. 


Students will normally progress annually from grade to grade.  Exceptions may be made when, in the judgement of the teachers and the principal, such exceptions are in the best educational interest of the students involved.  Exceptions will always be made after prior notification and explanation to the student's parents, but the final decision will rest with school authorities.


When it becomes apparent a secondary student will be unable to meet the minimum credit requirements for the year, both the student and parents will be informed.  Students who cannot demonstrate proficiency at their grade levels will also be considered for retention.  Teachers must notify the principal of these students, make a recommendation to the principal concerning their promotion or retention, and hold a conference with parents. 


The principal may require remediation as a condition of promotion to the next grade level. 


The parents will be requested to indicate in writing their agreement or disagreement with the recommendation for retention.  The final decision will rest with the school administration.  Parents may request retention if they believe it to be in the best interest of their student.  The principal will confer with the teachers and parents to determine appropriate action.


More than one retention during the elementary school years will receive special consideration and require the approval of the superintendent based on the recommendation of the principal, teacher and parent or guardian.


Students with exceptional talents may, with the permission of the principal and parents, take classes beyond their current grade level.  Enrichment opportunities outside the school district may be allowed when they do not conflict with the school district's graduation requirements.  Acceleration ahead in a grade level should be approached with caution and should only occur with the joint approval of the superintendent, the principal and the parent or guardian.


Legal Reference:         Nebraska Statute 79-526





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