The board, recognizing that the whole community can serve as a laboratory for learning, encourages the use of community resources and sanctions student trips which support and help to achieve the educational objectives of the Mitchell Schools. Student trips involve curriculum extension trips related to school sponsored activities for scholastic, community, and athletic events.


The board authorizes limited use of field trips and excursions where they become a definite part of the educational program.  Such trips should be planned and arranged for well in advance.  In the case of parental objection, the child may be excused from the activity.  Trips must be approved in advance by the school administration.


The school staff shall take all reasonable and prudent steps to safeguard the physical welfare of participating students. The administration may place restrictions upon a student's participation when, in the staff's judgment, his welfare requires it.


Transportation for curriculum, extension field trips, scholastic and athletic trips will be provided free of cost to students. Transportation costs for international trips, special activities and events may be assessed by the superintendent.


The board will not sanction a senior "sneak day" or any activity that conflicts with the policies of State and Regional Accrediting agencies.  Overnight activity trips are to be held to a minimum.


Cross Reference:         504.03 Student Conduct

                                    506.01 Student Activity Eligibility

                                    604      Instructional Curriculum

                                    801      Transportation















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