The Mitchell School District Board of Education recognizes its duty to purchase and loan textbooks to children in private schools who reside in the district to the extent that the legislature of the State of Nebraska appropriates funds for this purpose. Textbook shall mean a book which is designated for use in classroom instruction as the principal source of study material, in kindergarten through grade 12, in the public schools of the school district. Library books, workbooks and other similar materials are not to be considered textbooks.


Private schools shall mean those schools approved by the state for operation and not include home schools with the non approved status.


The rules and regulations for distribution of text books and the management of funds for the Mitchell School District are as follows:


1.      The board will make available a list of current or new textbooks which will be used by the school district in the ensuing year on or before December 1 of each year. This list will be kept at the administrative office of the school and a copy will be supplied to all who desire this list at a reasonable cost.


2.      The specific time and place for distribution and return of the textbooks will be posted in the administrative office and a copy made available to anyone at a reasonable cost.


3.      On or before January 15, the parent of a child enrolled in a private school who resides in the district and who wishes to have textbooks loaned to their child shall make application for such textbooks for each child for the ensuing school year on forms prescribed for this purpose by the school district (Form A). These forms will be available at the administrative offices of the school district.


4.      Ten days prior to the beginning of school the parents or legal guardian of each private school student who have filed the proper request forms shall be notified by mail of the time and place where the textbooks will be distributed.


5.      The textbooks will be loaned to the pupils for the full year and must be returned in good condition showing only normal wear and tear, or the parents or legal guardians shall be responsible to reimburse the school for such loss or excessive damage.


6.      The board shall require a receipt be signed for the loaned textbooks when they are picked up from the school. (Form B)


7.      The board limits the number of textbooks for each child to:

10 books for students in grades K-6  

  8 books for students in grades 7-12


Approved ______________ Reviewed _______________ Revised ______________

8.      The board shall cause a separate inventory of textbooks for loan to private school children to be maintained.


9.      All funds received from parents of legal guardians for lost or damaged textbooks shall be maintained in a separated account and used to offset claims made to the state each year for additional texts for loan.


10.  On or before February 15 of each year preceding the start of classes for the school year for which the application has been made the board must file with the Nebraska Department of Education Form C which contains the information necessary.