Due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, most specific rules in this area are best left to coverage under administrative regulations.  Prior to approval of the policy and adoption of associated guidelines, the Children’s Internet Protection Act requires public notice and at least one meeting for public comment on the regulations.  If the Board prefers that no personal e-mail should be sent or received by staff, the words "and only limited, incidental personal use" should be deleted from the second sentence of the Staff Use section. The Community Use section should be omitted if computer access is only available to students and staff.  


The Board supports the use of computers, technology and the Internet in the District's instructional program as a resource to educate and inform.  The use of these resources shall be consistent with the curriculum adopted by the School District and shall be employed in an appropriate and responsible manner to meet the varied instructional needs, learning styles, abilities and developmental levels of students.


Procedures and Guidelines


The Superintendent shall develop and implement appropriate procedures to provide guidance for computer use and Internet access.  Guidelines shall address teacher supervision of computer use, ethical use of electronic media, and the District’s ownership and right of administrative review of electronic files and communications. The term “electronic media” includes, but is not limited to, the Internet, e-mail and other technological resources.


The guidelines shall prohibit utilization of networks for inappropriate or illegal activities, the intentional spreading of imbedded messages (viruses) or the use of other programs with the potential of damaging or destroying programs, data or equipment.  The guidelines will describe the District's limitation of liability and will establish that the use of computers, technology and the Internet is a privilege, not a right.  Violation of the procedures and guidelines will result in cancellation of those privileges and appropriate disciplinary action.


Technology Protection Measure


The District will implement a technology protection measure that will block or filter Internet access to visual depictions that are obscene, pornographic or of a harmful nature to minors.  Operation of this measure will be monitored and enforced during use of computers by minors.





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Audit of Use


Users with network access shall not utilize District resources to establish electronic mail accounts through third-party providers or any other nonstandard electronic mail system.  Participation in chat rooms is prohibited without specific prior approval by the system administrator.  The Superintendent shall establish a process to determine whether the District's education technology is being used for purposes prohibited by law or for accessing prohibited materials.  The process may include, but not be limited to:


1.      Utilizing blocking/filtering software.


2.      Turning off the "auto load images" feature of the Internet browser.


3.      Using a proxy server to control accessible websites.


Appropriate Internet Behavior On Social Websites


The district recognizes its responsibility to educate students regarding appropriate behavior on social networking and chat room sites about cyberbullying.  Therefore, students shall be provided instruction about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking sites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response.  The district will create an age-appropiate plan for providing such instruction using informational programs, educational materials and lessons as needed to achieve this goal.


[Student use of district computers to access social networking sites is prohibited.  To the extent possible, the Superintendent or designee shall block access to such sites on district computers with Internet access.]


Student Use


A written parental permission and agreement form will be required prior to the student being granted access to electronic media involving District technological resources.  The form will specify acceptable uses, rules of on-line behavior, access privileges and penalties for procedural violations.  It must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of minor students (under age 18) and by the student.   This document will be kept on file as a legal, binding document.  In order to rescind the agreement, the student's parent/guardian (or the student who is at least 18 years old) must provide the Superintendent with a written request.


Staff Use


A written staff agreement form will be required for all employees having access to electronic media.  Staff shall confine e-mail use to work-related purposes and a reasonable, appropriate and limited personal use that does not interfere with their district duties.  The agreement form will refer to the procedures and guidelines for use of computers and the Internet, describe prohibitions and limitations on the use of these resources and state the employee's responsibility for the security of individual passwords.


Community Use


On recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board will determine the conditions and limits under which equipment and services will be made available to the community.  Upon request to the Building Principal, community members may have access to electronic resources and programs available through the District, provided they attend any required training and abide by the rules of usage established by the Superintendent.  A written agreement form will be required for all community members having access to these resources indemnifying the District from claims by community users.


Disregard of Rules


Individuals who refuse to sign required acceptable use documents or who violate District rules governing the use of District technology shall be subject to loss or restriction of the privilege of using computers, technology or the Internet and related resources.


Responsibility for Damages


Individuals shall reimburse the Board for repair or replacement of District property lost, stolen, damaged, or vandalized while under their care.


Responding to Concerns


School officials shall apply the same criterion of educational suitability used to review other educational resources when questions arise concerning access to specific databases or other electronic media.


Legal Reference:         20 U.S.C. sec. 1232g (1988) (Family Educational Rights and                                                           Privacy Act)

                                    47 U.S.C. 201 et seq. (Communications Decency Act of 1995)

                                    Children’s Internet Protection Act and Neighborhood CIPA of                                                       2000

                                    Nebraska Statutes 79-2104


Cross Reference:         102      Educational Philosophy of the District

                                    401      Guiding Principles for Employees

                                    504      Student Rights and Responsibilities

                                    507      Student Records

                                    603      Curriculum Development

                                    604      Instructional Curriculum

                                    1006    Use of District Facilities and Equipment