Constructive criticism of the school or school system is welcome through any medium when it is motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the educational program and to equip the school to perform its tasks more effectively.


The Board places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in a manner that will free them from unnecessary, spiteful, or negative criticism and complaints.

The normal channel for complaints concerning school personnel shall be from complainant to employee to principal to superintendent to board. Every effort will be made to satisfy the complainant at the earliest possible date.


It is also recognized that opinions differ concerning appropriateness of instructional materials. Occasionally an individual or group may find instructional materials used in the schools in conflict with their views.


All complaints regarding instructional materials should be in writing to the administrators who will then follow established procedures for reviewing the complaint.


Cross Reference:         202.12 Public Participation in Board Meetings

                                    403.05 Public Complaints About Employees

                                    603      Curriculum Development























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