The board affirms its responsibility to provide free appropriate public education programs and related services for resident students from birth until the appropriate education is completed, age twenty-one, or to the maximum age allowable in accordance with the law. Such programs will include, but not be restricted to, the development of self-realization, social awareness, economic usefulness, and civic responsibility. The appropriate education for each student shall be written in the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP).


Further, the board shall through its designated representatives at least annually, be responsible for identifying all resident school age students and children below age five who could benefit from special education programs. Children from birth through age 5 meeting the identification and verification procedures shall be provided special education services as required by state and federal statutes within the public education system. The school district shall work in conjunction with the appropriate education agencies to provide services, at the earliest appropriate time, to children with disabilities. Documentation of the efforts to identify, evaluate, and verify individuals with disabilities shall be maintained by the school.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to provide or make provisions for, or execute on behalf of the board any documents necessary to, the appropriate special education and related services.


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Cross Reference: 505 Student Discipline

507 Student Records

508.02 Administration of Medication to Students

508.08 Student Special Health Services

602.01 School Calendar

604 Instructional Curriculum

611.07 Graduation Requirements







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