Instructional Time


1.      The district shall offer a minimum of 1080 instructional hours for students in grades 9-12, 1032 hours for students in grades 1-8, and 400 hours for kindergarten students.


2.      Instructional time is defined as the time when a minimum of 50% of the teachers and students are in attendance and engaged in learning activities, either in the classroom or in approved activities.


3.      The tentative school calendar shall be presented to the board for the ensuing school term as early in the calendar year as practical. This calendar will remain tentative until approved by the board, at which time it will become official.


4.      The proposed calendar shall provide for the minimum number of instructional hours as stated above.


5.      Each activity shall be judged on is merits in determining whether or not it will count as instructional time. Some activities that will count as instructional time are:

a)      Travel time to regularly scheduled contests, meetings, etc., to a maximum of four hours.

b)      School assemblies at the discretion of the principals.

c)      Dismissal for fire and tornado drills.

d)     Recess time in the elementary school.


Not to be counted as instructional time are:


a)      Passing time between classes.

b)      Lunchtime.

c)      In-service and staff development activities.

d)     Early dismissal (pre-holiday, pre-vacation, etc.) and dismissal for weather and  other emergencies.




1.      Every effort shall be made to avoid interrupting classed for activities (both home and travel time).


2.      Athletic contests and activities shall not be scheduled during regular instructional time without approval of the administration.


3.      Activities as aforementioned are to be scheduled after school, in the evenings or on Saturdays whenever possible.


Approved ________________ Reviewed _______________ Revised ________________

4.      Necessary travel time during school hours for the purpose of meeting schedules for athletics or other activity events shall adhere to 5a above.


Legal Reference:         Neb. Statute 79-211

                                    NDE Rule 10.012.01B


Cross Reference:         503      Student Attendance

                                    604.03 Special Education