Training to recognize the symptoms of concussions and brain injuries and how to seek their proper medical treatment shall be made available to coaches of the districtís athletic teams.


The district will provide information on concussions and brain injuries to athletes and their parents or guardians prior to the beginning of practice or competition including at least:

1.      The signs and symptoms of concussions;

2.      The risks posed by sustaining a concussion; and

3.      The actions a student should take in response to sustaining a concussion including the notification of coaches.


A student participating on a school athletic team shall be removed from a practice or game when reasonably suspected of having sustained a concussion or brain injury in that activity after observation by a coach or a licensed health care professional who is professionally affiliated with or contracted by the school.


The injured student shall not be permitted to participate in any school supervised team athletic activities involving physical exertion, including, but not limited to, practices or games, until the student;

1.      has been evaluated by a licensed health care professional;

2.      has received written and signed clearance to resume participation in athletic activities from the licensed health care professional;

3.      has submitted the written and signed clearance to resume participation in athletic activities to the school accompanied by written permission to resume participation from the studentís parent or guardian.


If a student is reasonably suspected after observation of having sustained a concussion or brain injury and is removed from an athletic activity as required above, the parent or guardian of the student shall be notified by the school of the date and approximate time of the injury suffered by the student, the signs and symptoms of a concussion or brain injury that were observed, and any actions taken to treat the student.


It is the responsibility of the superintendent to implement this policy.


Legal Reference:†††††††††††††††††††† LB 260† Concussion Awareness Act






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