The district will adopt and implement the Emergency Response to Life-Threatening Asthma or Systemic Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis) Protocol as required by the Nebraska Department of Education. The school shall allow a student with asthma or anaphylaxis to self- manage his or her asthma or anaphylaxis condition upon written request of the student's parent or guardian and authorization of the student's physician or other health care professional who prescribed the medication for treatment of the student's condition.


The superintendent, in conjunction with licensed health personnel, shall establish administrative regulations for the implementation of this policy during regular hours while school classes are in session.  The regulations established shall comply with NDE rules regarding the protocol to follow in case of a life-threatening asthma or systemic allergic reaction and use of an EpiPen and albuterol. Also, these shall ensure that each school building will procure and maintain the equipment and medication necessary under the protocol in the case of any student or school staff emergency.  Staff training in using the protocol shall occur periodically.  Records of such training and occurrences of administering medication under the protocol shall be maintained.


The parent or guardian of a student of minority age may sign a waiver requesting that their student not receive emergency treatment under this protocol.  Information about the waiver shall be provided to parents in the student handbook.


Legal Reference:         NDE Rule 59.006 



















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