The board recognizes the importance of maintaining student records and preserving their confidentiality. Student records shall be maintained so as to separate academic and disciplinary matters.† Student records may be maintained in the central administration office or administrative office of the student's attendance center.† This policy does not apply to student directory information.


The following records shall be maintained as permanent records of the student:


         The student's social security number;

         The record of dates of attendance;

         Highest grade level completed;

         A transcript of classes taken with grades and credits received;

         The records of inoculations and health examinations which are given to the class or student body as a whole;

         The record of participation in extracurricular school activities and sports;

         The signatures of people who are required to sign for access to student records and the statement of purpose for such access;

         The student's or student's parents' written consent of release of student records.


All other student records shall be removed and destroyed after a student's continuous absence from the school for three years.


Any student, his or her parents/guardians, teachers, counselors or school administrators shall have access to the student's records during the regular business hours of the district.† Student information may also be disclosed without written consent of the parent or eligible student (a student who has reached the age of 18) to persons or entities with whom the district has contracted to provide services related to the districtís educational program in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).† In addition, authorized representatives of the State or Federal government, and state educational authorities connected with the enforcement of requirements of certain educational programs as prescribed by law shall have access to student records within the limitations of state statutes.† No one else shall have access to the records and the records shall not be divulged to any person without prior consent of the parent or eligible student.


A studentís records including academic material and any disciplinary material relating to any suspension or expulsion, shall be provided at no charge, upon request, to any public or private school to which the student transfers.




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The superintendent shall establish reasonable fees for providing copies of the student's records to a parent or guardian.† No fees shall be charged for the right to inspect and review the records.



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507 †††† Student Records

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