Student publications are important elements of the instructional program and contribute directly to the accomplishment of the school’s goals. The board supports the development of student-produced school newspapers, annuals, and pamphlets.


Students may produce official school publications as part of the curriculum under the supervision of a faculty advisor and the principal. Official school publications such as newspapers, yearbooks or magazines form a part of the journalism curriculum and are produced primarily for the educational value gained in the process of their creation.  As such, these publications shall conform to the same community and educational standards required of other student conduct in the school.


Student publications will strive to conform to all good scholastic and professional standards. As informational vehicles, publications will promote school spirit, positive thinking, and maintain the school's atmosphere for an orderly program of learning.

Freedom of expression, as defined in these policies, shall be respected.


Student publications will, at all times, be governed by ethical standards including responsibility, truthfulness, accuracy, impartiality, fair play, decency, and equality.

Freedom of expression in student publications must be tempered with the obligation to respect the wishes and rights of the students, faculty, administration and the parents of the community.


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Cross Reference:                     301.04 Communication Channels 

504      Student Rights and Responsibilities 

506      Student Activities












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