1.      Accumulative course grades will be determined on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. every school week. If a student's average is below 70%, the student's name will be turned in to the office by 8:00 A.M. Wednesday.


2.      The names of students who have grades below 70% in two or more classes (including ALL classes of his/her schedule) will be placed on a weekly ineligibility list which will be distributed to all teachers on Wednesday morning. The first time a student is placed on the weekly list he/she will be on probation for that week. Each student will be placed on probation only once; each time thereafter the student will be ineligible until requirements are met.


3.      Those students determined to be ineligible for the week (beginning on Wednesday of the school week) will not be allowed to compete, perform, or represent the school in any extracurricular activity, during the week of ineligibility. Ineligible students will, however, be allowed to practice with their activity groups. Students are encouraged to seek extra help from their instructors.


4.      The list of ineligible students will be subject to review by the principal, guidance counselor, and teachers.


Legal Reference:                     20 U.S.C. Sect.1681-1683; 1685-1686 (1994).

                                                34 C.F.R. Pt. 106.41 (1993)

Neb Statute 79-296



Cross Reference:                     502      Student Attendance

                                                504      Student Rights and Responsibilities

                                                505      Student Discipline

                                                506      Student Activities

                                                508      Student Health and Well-Being













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