Request to contact pupils:

Any person, other than a school employee, who wishes to contact a pupil either by telephone or in person must first obtain permission from the building principal or other person in authority before doing so. Such permission shall not be granted unless the person making the request can present acceptable reasons for contacting the pupil. Under no circumstances will permission be granted for taking a pupil from school unless the person making such requests can prove to the principal his identity, relationship to the student and adequate justification for the action.


Cooperation with law enforcement agencies:

The schools and school district shall cooperate with any lawful exercise by any law enforcement agency or court. If such authority requires the interrogation or removal of any pupil from school, school officials shall immediately contact the parent or guardian of such pupil. The schools and school district will comply with any lawful subpoena or order issued under proper authority of any court.


Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 79-294


Cross Reference:                     403.02 Child Abuse Reporting

                                                504.16 Searches, Seizures and Arrests

                                                505      Student Discipline






















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