Lockers are the property of the school district and are on loan, without charge, for the student's use. The assignment of the locker is on a temporary basis and may be revoked at any time.


The right of inspection of student's school lockers in inherent in the authority granted school boards and administrators and will be exercised so as to assure parents that the school, in exercising its "in loco parentis" relationship with their children, will exercise every safeguard to protect the well being of those students.


Therefore, school officials may search student lockers if they shall have reasonable cause to believe that such lockers contain any item or substance which may be injurious to the health, welfare, safety or morals of the students or employees in the school, or which contain any item or substance which may constitute evidence of any type of misconduct with respect to which the school officials, under these policies and regulations and the statutes of the State of Nebraska, may be authorized to take disciplinary action.


Cross Reference:                     504.01 Student Due Process Rights


























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