It is the policy of the district to provide alternative educational courses through the Calvert Learning Program, Keystone Credit and Odyssey Ware or other credited program(s) for those students in grades K through 12 who have been expelled from the regular educational setting (for whatever reason) or unable to attend daily classroom instruction due to medical issues. Such alternate educational placements shall make it possible for the students to continue to make progress toward eventual graduation for the Mitchell Public Schools. Such placements shall make explicit the academic and behavioral expectations of the students, the schedule of progress, which is to be met and other such provisions as are required by statute and regulation.


The Alternative School Program will meet the following NDE criteria:


1.      The school district shall provide an alternative school class, or program for students who have been expelled.


2.      The alternative school, class, or program for expelled students may be provided by the district, through a cooperative arrangement of two or more districts, or through an arrangement with an education service unit.


3.      Alternative schools, classes or programs for expelled students may include community based programs, home based programs, specialized tutorial experiences, distance learning, or other programs approved by 'the local board of education.


4.      The school, class, or program for expelled students shall enable the student to continue academic work fur credit, and shall also include the standard of student behavior and cooperation required of the student to complete the alternative learning program.


5.      If the student fails to meet any of the conditions of the learning program, the district may, without further obligation, terminate the program after a due process hearing, as required in statutory provisions for suspension and expulsion of students, unless waived by the parent or legal guardian.


Cross Reference:                     502      Student Admissions

                                                601      Goals and Objectives

                                                605      Alternative Programs






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