Children who are residents of the school district community will attend the school district without paying tuition.† Students whose residency in the district ceases during a school year may continue attending school for the remainder of the school year without payment of tuition.


The residence of a student means the place, abode, or dwelling of the student.† Generally, the legal dwelling of minors is the same as their parents. However, a student may establish a dwelling with someone other than the parents and attend public school in the school district without paying tuition if the primary purpose for residing in the school district is not for the purpose of obtaining a free public education.† Any student shall also be admitted to the district upon request without paying tuition if at least one of the studentís parents resides in the school district.


Each case involving the determination of residence of a student will be decided upon its individual merits by the superintendent.† Payment of tuition will not be required in cases where the resident student would otherwise be denied free common school privileges.† The burden of proof to supply the necessary documents to demonstrate legal residence shall rest with the person claiming legal residence in the district. Specific documents required shall be determined by the superintendent.


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