Non-certified staff Qualifications and Selection


1.   Selection


It is the policy of the board that its employees shall be selected, retained and promoted on the basis of fitness, merit, and efficiency. Job openings are to be anticipated and will be publicized so that, qualified candidates have a full opportunity to present applications for consideration.


Each employee is expected to give faithful and complete service, and the continuation of his/her employment shall be based on behavior, efficiency, the necessity of the work and the availability of funds.


2.   Relationships with Teachers


The relationships of certified and non-certified employees should be that of partners working together to provide the best possible learning situation for Mitchell youth.


Teachers are charged with the education of the children of our community. It is a large and serious task which requires considerable training. Non-certified personnel are co-workers in this task. All jobs in a school system must contribute to this aim. Without the non-certified staff to assist him, a teacher would be greatly hampered in using his training to build worthwhile lives. Teachers should appreciate the importance of these people and full cooperation between the two groups is a necessity in the operation of a good school system.


3.   Relationships with Pupils


In general, pupils are the responsibility of the teachers. Except as noted below, non-certified personnel should assume no authority in this matter.


A bus driver is responsible for the children on the bus. On field trips, however, teachers make travel conduct a part of the learning experience and are present to supervise the children. Of course, the driver should assist at the request of the teacher.


Certain clerks and secretaries are designated to deal with the pupils in attendance and similar details.


Emergency conditions, such as a fight in the building or a student caught in the act of destroying property, are exceptions to this statement. Unless a delay would be harmful to the child or to the building, it is better to avoid direct and drastic action by reporting names and incidents to the teacher in charge or to the principal.



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Legal Reference:                     Nebraska Statute 79-501



Cross Reference:                     402.01 Equal Opportunity Employment

                                                402.02 Employee Orientation

                                                404      Employee Health and Well-Being