The Mitchell Public Schools agrees to cooperate with area colleges in the provisions of student teaching opportunities under the following conditions:


1.      The number of student teachers accepted by the public schools will be restricted to that number which can safely be accommodated without placing an undue burden on public school personnel.

2.      The college will be expected to make its request early in the semester in which the student teaching will take place. The data sheet on student teachers will include majors and minors, areas of teaching preference and home town.

3.      Selection of a supervising teacher will be done by the Mitchell administrative staff after conference with the supervisors.

4.      Supervising teacher must be recognized as being master teacher. Teachers will be limited to one student teacher per school term.

5.      Students who are accepted for student teacher assignment will be expected to spend a day in the school building in which assigned, at which time they will hold an interview with the principal and supervising teachers and become familiar with the school and the teaching situation. This date will be pre-arranged.

6.      The supervising teacher will provide periodic evaluations to the college as requested, including a final evaluation at the close of the student teaching period. The final grade will be determined by the college.

7.      The college will be expected to provide sufficient supervisory visits to the school to assure success of the program.

8.      Student teachers will be given the same recognition as regular faculty members and will abide by all school policies, i.e., standards of dress, grooming, and personal behavior.



Each supervising teacher will use his/her best judgement in handling a student teacher.


A suggested plan would be for the student to observe for two full weeks. On advance notice, the student will take over a specific unit for a day or two during the third week, followed by a day or two of observation. No later than the fourth week the student should be ready for full classroom responsibilities.


The amount of time that the student will be “alone” will be left to the discretion of the supervisor.





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