Substitute teachers are a vital part of the staff of Mitchell Public Schools, and hold a valid Nebraska Teaching Certificate. As such, they are accorded the same rights and privileges of regular teachers while on assignment.


1.      If sufficient notice has been received by the substitute teachers, he/she is expected to arrive at and depart from the building an the same schedule as regular teachers, unless specifically excused by the building principal.


2.      Substitute teachers are responsible for reporting grades taken during the time they are in charge of the classroom as well as any reports that are required. The substitute should leave a brief outline of work covered during the time of substitution. Papers, tests, and other written work should be graded by the substitute teacher, unless otherwise instructed. He/she is expected to perform all of the duties of the regular teachers, such as noon duty, hall duty, etc.


3.      Lesson Plans: Regular teachers are required to keep lesson plan and seating charts which can be used by substitute teachers in case of absence of the regular instructor.


4.      Monies Collected: Substitute teachers will follow the same procedures in regard to the collection of monies as the regular teachers.


5.      Rate of Pay: A substitute teacher will be paid the rate of $95.00 per day, and/or $42.50 per half day. Substitute teacher pay rate shall be reviewed annually. Whenever the substitute is on duty for a period exceeding five (5) consecutive days for one regular teacher, the substitute shall be paid a daily wage based on the salary schedule divided by the number of days of teaching assignment of regular teachers. In case of an interruption in such extended substitute assignment, it shall be an administrative decision to maintain the enhanced level of pay.


6.      Selection of Substitute: Substitute teachers will be selected from a list kept in the office of the principals and superintendent.


Cross Reference:         406.01 Certificated Employee Defined

406.02 Certificated Employee Qualifications, Recruitment

                 and Selection






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