Membership: Teachers in good standing may belong to the bank if they agree to donate one full day of their annual or accumulated sick leave to the bank each year that they wish to participate in the plan.  Days donated to the bank may not be withdrawn if the member decides to withdraw from the plan at a later date.  Membership will be taken only during the first five working days of the contractual year, unless the bank is depleted, at which time an additional day may be donated by each member.


Governing Committee: The Governing Committee shall consist of two MEA members, one representative from each building, to be appointed by the MEA Executive Committee. The vice president of MEA will also serve on the Governing Committee.


Benefits: Members who have contributed to the plan in the current contractual year may draw out up to 50% of their annual and accumulated sick leave that you began the contracted year with.  Sick leave benefits under this plan shall not extend beyond the end of the school year as defined by the teacher's contract.


Withdrawals: When participating members have used up the entire amount of their annual and accumulated sick leave, they may apply to the Governing Committee and request additional days of sick leave. Valid applications for additional sick leave will be acted upon by the committee and a withdrawal will be made from the sick leave bank in the amount requested. (Additional days of sick leave granted to a participating member do not need to be repaid to the bank by the member.)


The member must apply to the committee giving the date he/she must leave work and the date when he/she is released to return to work. A written history of the year's previous absences, including the number of days missed and reasons for these absences, will constitute a request for emergency sick leave bank days. As in other instances, the member is to use his/her own sick leave days first.


Limitations: The days of sick leave granted from the sick leave bank are intended to be used only in the case of personal illness. In the event of extraordinary circumstances, such as the serious illness of a spouse or child, withdrawals from the sick leave bank may be made for reasons other than personal illness on recommendation of the Governing Committee and subject to approval of the Board of Education.


In case of indecision by the Governing Committee, the determination of granting days under "extraordinary circumstances" will be left to a majority vote of the MEA and subject to the approval of the Board of Education.


Records relating to the sick leave bank, request of days, and donations of days will be maintained by the Governing Committee.


Approved ______________ Reviewed ______________ Revised ________________

Responsibilities: The Board of Education agrees to honor days of sick leave for personal illness granted by the Governing Committee, or majority vote of the MEA if necessary, in an amount not to exceed the total number of unwithdrawn days of sick leave donated by the members of the sick leave bank. Withdrawals will be made in accordance with the above noted provisions and limitations. At the end of the school year, defined in the teacher's contract, total days remaining in the sick leave bank will be carried over to the following year, not to exceed the total number of teacher contract days.


Exclusions: The terms of the sick leave bank apply only to the regular contractual school year, and not to summer contractual days.


Cross Reference:         404.02 Employee Injury on the Job

                                    410.03 Certificated Employee Family and Medical Leave

                                    410.09 Certificated Employee Unpaid Leave