Every six years permanent certificated employees shall give evidence of professional growth. Six semesters hours of college credit shall be accepted as evidence of professional growth or, in the alternative, such other activities as are approved by the school board, which may include, but are not limited to educational travel, professional publications, or work on educational committees.


All permanent certified personnel in the district are required to provide evidence of professional growth within six years of certification, and in succeeding six-year periods, thereafter. Each professional growth period begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st.


Six semester hours of college credit shall be accepted as evidence of professional growth or, as an alternative, such other activities as are approved by the board. Combinations of college credit and approved alternative activities will be accepted.


Each staff member is responsible for providing the district and the Mitchell Schools Professional Growth Committee with evidence of their professional growth. Requests for professional growth hours must be submitted on the appropriate form for activities completed during each six-year period. The superintendent and the Professional Growth Committee will be responsible for determining what will be allowed for professional growth and will maintain a record of professional growth for each staff member.


Personnel who do not meet the professional growth requirements by the end of the sixth year (September lst) will not advance further on the salary schedule until the work is completed and the individual could have their contract terminated because they could not show evidence of professional growth as required by State statutes.


Evidence of progress toward the completion of professional growth requirements will be addressed in the evaluation report of permanent certificated employees.




1.      Chairmanship or Co-Chairmanship of a major school or building committee. (Up to two hours during one professional growth period).

2.      Any work assignment on educational committees of Mitchell schools requiring fifteen (15) hours or more of work. (Up to one hour during one professional growth period).

3.      Student teacher supervision (No more than two hours per professional growth period).

4.      Participation in an official school sponsored mentoring program. (No more than one hour per professional growth period).



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5.      Non-credit college workshops, conferences, and special classes. (One half (1/2) hour for each seven (7) hours of attendance, no more than two hours per professional growth period).

6.      A professional publication of a significant nature. (One hour per professional growth period.




Teachers are expected to display professional concern and continuous professional interest by doing such activities as the following:


1.      Frequent attendance at school activities such as plays, concerts, athletic events, community meetings and the like.

2.      Cooperate in group planning for curriculum development, school and community improvements, and individual professional growth.

3.      Attendance at professional meetings as recommended by the school administration.


The requirements stated in the Negotiated Contract between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding professional development of such employees shall be followed.


Legal Reference:         NDE Rule 10

                                    Neb. Statute 79-830


Cross Reference:         409.02 Certificated Employee Training, Workshops or