The board has the exclusive authority to determine the appropriate number of certificated employees.  Reductions‑in‑force of certificated staff members may be required due to changes in the size or nature of the student population, limited financial support, changing programs, staff realignment or other changes in circumstan­ces. Reduction-in-force may result in termination of employment, an amendment to the employee's contract reducing the employee from full-time to part-time status or an amendment to the contract of a part-time employee further reducing that employee's percentage of employment.


Prior to the reduction-in-force the board shall present evidence that such changes in circumstances have occurred.  If a reduction of certificated staff is necessary, the superintendent or designee shall recommend to the school board those certificated employees to be reduced in employment under the pro­visions of this policy.  No permanent employee may be selected for a reduction‑in‑force while a probationary employee is retained to perform a service that the permanent employee is qualified by certification and endorsement to perform or where certification is not applicable, by reason of college credits in the teaching area.


The board shall proceed in the following order:


1.      The board will inform the staff, through the superintendent, of the situation confronting the school district as early in the school term as possible. This will allow the staff a reasonable opportunity to present possible alternatives such as early retirement, normal attrition and other alternatives which would accomplish the same goals.


2.      Should further reduction be necessary, teachers with the least number of years of continuous teaching experience in the district shall be terminated first. This provision shall be followed providing there are fully certificated and qualified teachers present in the system that can perform all necessary duties, both classroom and extra duty, of the terminated teacher or teachers.


3.      Fully qualified shall mean any teacher under continual contract with the Mitchell Public School system and meets the certification and endorsement standards of the State of Nebraska. Consideration may be given to involved extra duty assignments.


The Board shall follow the requirements of the continuing contract law in terminating teachers to reduce staff. Affirmative action requirements of the Equal Opportunity Act may alter the practical application of this policy.  Due process for all employees selected for a reduction-in-force shall be followed.


Due to the often intimate, confidential, and unique personal working relationship necessary between the admi­nistration and the school board, a certificated employee who is not


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currently serving in a predominantly administrative capacity shall have no rights under this policy to any administrative position within the school system.


Any certificated employee whose contract shall be ter­minated because of reduction‑in‑force shall be considered to have been dismissed with honor and shall, upon request, be provided a letter to that effect. Such employee shall have preferred rights to re‑employment for a period of twenty ­four months commencing at the end of the contract year and the employee shall be recalled on the basis of length of service to the school to any position for which he or she is qualified by endorsement or college preparation to teach. The employee shall, upon reappointment, retain any benefits that had accrued to that employee prior to termination, but such leave of absence shall not be considered as a year of employment by the district. An employee under contract to another educational institution may waive recall but such waiver shall not deprive the employee of his or her right to subsequent recall.


It shall be the responsibility of each certificated employee to file with the superintendent a copy of the employee's teaching certificate (including endorsements) upon initial employment with the district. On or before March 15th of each year thereafter (for so long as the employee is employed in the school system or has rights of recall) evidence of any changes in the employee's cer­tification or endorsements which have occurred since the previous year or are pending shall be filed with the superintendent.


Any certificated employee whose employment contract is terminated as a result of reductions‑in‑force shall (during his/her period of recall) report his/her current address to the superintendent and shall inform the superin­tendent of any changes of address thereafter. If a vacancy in the system occurs for which the employee has rights of recall, the offer of such employment may be sent by the superintendent to the employee's last known address. If no acceptance of such offer is received from the employee within fourteen days of mailing and the superintendent has no personal knowledge of the whereabouts of the employee (other than last known address), the employee shall be deemed to have waived his/her rights to recall to the employment position.


Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 79-846 to 849

                                                                     79-824 to 844


Cross Reference:                     402      Employees and Internal Relations

406.08 Certificated Employee Evaluation