A request for release from a contract shall be contingent upon finding a suitable replacement with the following exception: A request for release from contract submitted before April 15 of the current school year requesting release for the upcoming school year shall be accepted by the board without any conditions.


The Superintendent or his designee shall have the sole responsibility for determining the criteria used to define a suitable replacement for each position.


If in the opinion of the certificated employee unusual circumstances exist, the certificated employee may appeal to the board to waive any of the above stated requirements.


The superintendent is authorized to file a complaint with the Nebraska Professional Practices Commission against a certificated employee who leaves without proper release from the board. 


The Board of Education reserves the right to seek damages against any certificated employee as a result of breach of contract.


Legal Reference:         NDE Rule 27

                                    Neb. Statute 79-817 et seq.


Cross Reference:         406.03 Certificated Employee Individual Contracts

                                    406.04 Certificated Employee Continuing Contracts

                                    408.06 Certificated Employee Retirement


















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