The Board of Education of School District #31, ScottsBluff County, Nebraska, recognizes the importance of teacher evaluation for the purpose of improving instruction and for meeting the instructional goals of the district.† Teacher evaluation promotes focused professional activity and professional growth which, in turn, improves teaching competency leading to improved student performance.† Therefore, teachers will be appraised using the written evaluation plan and procedure approved by this Board.


Formal evaluation and informal consultations shall be carried out with all teachers of the district as a continuous process for the appraisal and the improvement of performance.


All evaluators used in the district will have valid Nebraska Administrative Certificates.


Additional training sessions will be provided by Educational Service Unit #13.


The primary purpose of evaluation is to improve the educational program by assisting the individual in identifying and strengthening areas of performance in need of improvement. Evaluation may also be used to substantiate or document promotion, re-assignment or dismissal.



A school system has the responsibility to create a cooperative, working climate which will encourage the individual to improve his effectiveness.


Performance appraisal is a continuous, constructive, and cooperative responsibility of both the appraisee and the evaluator.


The appraisee should have the opportunity to use initiative and leadership in helping define his goals and selecting the means of their achievement.


The appraisal process should be tailored to the needs of the individual and should eliminate a comparison of his performance with that of another.


The appraisal of an individualís performance should be a mutually accepted, understood, and planned process.


Attention should be focused upon specific job targets or objectives related to the individualís and the school systemís long and short term goals, whenever possible.


The appraisal process should be a guide for the appraisee and the evaluator in working toward more effective performance and toward a better educational program.



†Approved ______________ Reviewed ______________ Revised ________________




1.      To focus on the evaluation of professional performance. Criteria for personal conduct will also relate to provisions stated in the teacher's contract which include:


a.    participating in any fraud;

b.    causing any intentional damage to property;

c.    engaging in any unlawful act;

d.   becoming physically or mentally disabled;

e.    insubordination;

f.     neglect of duty;

g.    immorality;

h.    incompetency;

i.      other conduct which interferes substantially with the continued performance of duties.


2.      To identify early and plan for the kinds of assistance which the appraisee most needs.


3.      To plan specific long and short term goals to bring about improvement.


4.      To relate job targets to the appraisee's day-to-day performance.


Legal Reference:†††††††† Neb. Statute 79-828

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† NDE Rule 10-007.06


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