A regular teacher is required to be in the building not less than seven (7) hours daily, except for occasional individual absences when classes are not in session which have been approved by the superintendent. In addition, a regular teacher shall be expected to respond to such reasonable extensions of the school day as are required for in service or teachers’ meetings in the district which are called by the administration and for supervision of students after school hours. The superintendent shall designate the specific hours for reporting to and leaving the building, as required by the program of the school and in accordance with these rules and regulations.


If a teacher is to be absent, he should report to the principal prior to the designated time. If a teacher will be absent again the following day, he should call before the substitute leaves so he or she can be notified to come back.


The classroom teacher should provide a folder with the following



1.      Class roll and seating chart.

2.      Daily schedule.

3.      Where to find the plan book.

4.      List of any special grouping within the class.

5.      Schedule of special lunch or playground duties.

6.      Names and times for students involved in special classes.

7.      Names and duties of any special helpers.

8.      Lists of books and workbooks used in the room, where to find these books or teacher's manuals if they are not readily apparent.

9.      Have the class register available so the substitute can record absences.

10.  A list of special playground rules (elementary).


The building principal is authorized to make changes in the work day in order to facilitate the education program.  These changes shall be reported to the superintendent.


Open or free periods are planning or work periods which can be used most effectively in the classroom or work area. Time before classes start and the time between the end of classes until the time required to be in the building shall be considered as supervision and/or planning time.


When students are held after school for special rehearsals or other reasons, the person in charge of the program is responsible for close supervision of the students until they have left the building and started home.


The work day outlined in this policy is a minimum work day.  Nothing in this policy prohibits certificated employees from working additional hours outside the work day.


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The requirements stated in the Negotiated Contract between employees in that certified

collective bargaining unit and the board regarding work day of such employees shall be followed.


Cross Reference:         201.01 Board Powers and Responsibilities