Contracts entered into with certificated employees, other than an administrator, will continue from year to year unless the contract states otherwise, is modified by mutual agreement between the board and the employee, or the contract is terminated by the board.


A contract for employment between a teacher and the board shall not exceed one year. Contracts shall be written for a definite number of teaching days and also for a definite number of days service to the district with approximate opening and closing dates of school. Basic salary of teachers will be shown with extra duty assignment listed on the contract plus extra duty pay for each assignment.


The first three years of a continuing contract issued to a newly employed certificated employee shall be considered a probationary period. In the event of termination of the employee's contract during this period, the board shall afford the certificated employee appropriate due process.  The action of the board will be final.


Certificated employees whose contracts will be recommended for termination, amendment or nonrenewal by the board will receive notice prior to April 15.  The superintendent shall make a recommendation to the board for the termination of the certificated employee's contract.


Before recommending the dismissal of a teacher, the principal and/or the superintendent should have informed the teacher of his deficiencies, offered him all possible professional assistance in their correction, and given him a reasonable period of time in which to remedy them. Nebraska statute provides for the cancellation of an employment contract with a teacher for incompetency, neglect of duty, immorality, insubordination, justifiable decrease in the number of teaching positions or other good and just cause. The board may cancel such employment or impose a mandatory retirement as allowable by statute.


Certificated employees who wish to resign, to be released from a contract, or to retire must comply with board policies and contract language in those areas.


Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 79-824 to 842   


Cross Reference:                     406.03 Certificated Employee Individual Contracts

                                                406.09 Certificated Employee Probationary Status

                                                408      Certificated Employee Termination of Employment





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