Good health is important to job performance.  Employees shall present evidence of good health, in the form of a physical examination report, prior to their employment with the school district. Any such requirement will ensure that all entering employees in the same job category will complete a medical examination regardless of disability. All offers of employment may be made contingent on medical examination results.


Employees whose physical or mental health, in the judgment of the administration, may be in doubt shall submit to additional examinations, when requested to do so, at the expense of the school district.


The cost of the initial examination will be paid by the school district. Medical examinations will be conducted by a medical doctor selected by the district. The school district shall provide the standard examination form to be completed by the personal physician of the employee. 


The successful applicant must be qualified and must be able to perform the essential functions of a position with or without reasonable accommodations.  The district may withdraw an offer of employment should the medical examination reveal that the individual does not satisfy certain employment criteria under the following conditions:


1.      The exclusionary criteria are job related and consistent with business necessity;


2.      There is no reasonable accommodation that will enable the individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job;


3.      The medical condition poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others in the workplace and cannot be eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by a reasonable modification of policies, practices, procedures or by the provision of auxiliary aids or services;


4.      The requested or necessary accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the district, unless funding is available through other sources.  Individuals with a disability may be offered an opportunity of paying for a portion of the costs that constitutes an undue hardship or of personally providing the accommodation.


Employees identified as having reasonably anticipated contact with blood or infectious materials shall receive the Hepatitis B vaccine or sign a written waiver stating that they will not take the vaccine.




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It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to write an exposure control plan to eliminate or minimize district occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens.  The plan for designated employees shall include, but not be limited to, scope and application, definitions, exposure control, methods of compliance, Hepatitis B vaccination and post-exposure evaluation and follow-up, communication of hazards to employees, and record keeping.


Information the district receives regarding medical examinations and drug testing will be collected and maintained on separate forms and in separate files apart from personnel files.  All such records will be kept confidential, maintained for a minimum of one year and released only in accordance with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable laws.


The requirements stated in the Negotiated Contract between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the board regarding physical examinations of such employees shall be followed.


Legal Reference:         29 C.F.R. Pt. 1630


Cross Reference:         404      Employees' Health and Well-Being