The board recognizes and appreciates the service of its employees.  Employees who retire or resign may be honored by the board, administration and staff in an appropriate manner.


It shall be the policy of the district to authorize, upon a majority vote of the entire board, one recognition dinner each year for elected and appointed officials, employees, or volunteers of the district. In the event that a recognition dinner is authorized by board action whether for elected and appointed officials, employees, or volunteers jointly or separately, the maximum cost which may be authorized by the board for such dinners shall not exceed $25.00 per elected or appointed official, employee, or volunteer in attendance.


The board may at the time of adopting its annual budget and after a public hearing, authorize a sum certain for expenditure for plaques, certificates of achievement, or items of value awarded to any elected or appointed official, employee or volunteer of the district. Such items of recognition shall be for purposes of recognizing meritorious service, extraordinary benefit, or other conduct identified by the board as conduct worthy of public acknowledgement. The dollar limit for the value on such plaques shall be set annually by the Board and shall not be amended or altered more than once in any 12 month period. Before any funds of the district are expended for any plaque, certificate of achievement, or other item of value, a written recommendation for such recognition shall be forwarded to the board by any person making such recommendation, and the board may by a majority vote authorize the expenditure of funds of the district for such item of recognition.


Legal Reference:         Neb. Statute 13-2203                            


Cross Reference:         408      Certificated Employee Termination of Employment

                                    414      Support Staff Termination of Employment














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