All personnel are encouraged to visit with administrative personnel about problems that may arise.


Grievances, complaints and communications from all employees should be initiated and processed in the following manner. This procedure is to be followed for any matters that may be constructed as a grievance or complaint. The person presenting the grievance or complaint may be represented by or may seek assistance and/or counsel from the MEA PR&R committee, and/or officers of the MEA, and/or legal counsel at any time during the grievance procedure.


  1. If an employee or a student has a grievance or a complaint, the person should present the matter to the immediate superior in an effort to resolve the problem informally. The grievance or complaint should be submitted in writing and should be signed and dated by the immediate supervisor. At the building level the immediate superior is the principal.


  1. If the grievance or complaint is one within the power and authority of the immediate superior to resolve, the superior shall do so as quickly and diplomatically as possible.


  1. If the immediate superior does not have the power or authority to resolve the problem, the superior shall immediately report it to the superintendent to be handled as hereinafter provided.


  1. If the grievance or complaint is not resolved by the immediate superior in a manner satisfactory to the aggrieved party within seven (7) calendar days, the aggrieved party shall have authority to report the grievance or complaint to the superintendent. A copy should be given to the superintendent. The superintendent should sign and date the grievance or complaint. This report shall be privileged and confidential. Upon receipt of such grievance of complaint, the superintendent shall conduct a personal investigation and undertake to resolve the problem.


  1. If the superintendent fails to resolve the problem within ten (10) calendar days or if the aggrieved party is dissatisfied with the determination of the superintendent, the aggrieved party shall then submit the grievance or complaint in writing to the president of the Board of Education. The superintendent may forward a grievance or complaint to the president of the Board of Education if the superintendent believes the resolution of the problem is policy and not administration.


  1. The Board of Education shall make an investigation, either as a board or by committee, and shall give the aggrieved party an opportunity to appear before the


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full board in person, either privately or accompanied by the PR&R Committee of Teachers` Association and/or legal counsel, with the right to present facts and witnesses in full hearing. At the conclusion of such investigation, the board shall, within thirty (30) calendar days, render itsí determination in writing.


  1. The elimination of grievances is for the best interests of the educational system, and no reprisals of any kind, implied, direct or indirect, shall be involved against any person or persons involved in the grievance procedures.


  1. Grievance: A claim by a teacher, a group of teachers, or the association that conditions exist which adversely affect term and conditions of employment or a claim that there has been a violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of policy, regulations or contract language.


  1. Both grievances and complaints shall be treated under the above procedure.



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