Employees must know their role and duties.  New employees may be required to participate in an orientation program for new employees. The employee's immediate supervisor should provide the new employee with a review of the employee's responsibilities and duties. Employees involved in child care, custody or control responsibilities shall be given instruction in the handling of emergency situations which might arise in the course of the employee's work.  Payroll procedures and employee benefit programs and accompanying forms will be explained to the employee by the building principal.  The supervisor may wish to review the staff handbook as part of the orientation process.


New teacher orientation should include at least the following:

1.      The names of fellow teachers, the office secretaries, cafeteria personnel, custodians and other special staff personnel who come to the building.


2.      Location and use of physical facilities of the classroom, building, cafeteria, library, teachers’ lounge and lavatories.


3.      Teaching materials; course of study, guide books, textbooks, supplementary materials for grade or subject.


4.      School forms, attendance reports, pupil and school records, transfers, purchase orders, plan books, policy books, etc.


5.      Method of ordering books and supplies, securing audio visual equipment, methods of getting material duplicated, disposing of lost and found articles, etc.


6.      Schedule and meaning of all bell signals.


7.      Regulations for pupils in the buildings and on school grounds, use of entrances, exits, lavatories, playground or physical education facilities, equipment and activities; regulations for pupils during, before and after school hours.


8.      Directions regarding building meetings, in-service meetings, assignments to school committees, fire drill regulation, policies concerning teachers’ absence, attendance, excuses, etc.


9.      The goals and aspirations of the school.


10.  Use of school owned property and regulations for the use of keys.


11.  School system policies and regulations.



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Legal Reference:                     Nebraska Statute 79-802


Cross Reference:                     401      Guiding Principles for Employees

405      Employee Conduct and Appearance

                                                407      Certificated Employee Compensation and Benefits

                                                413      Support Staff Compensation and Benefits