Administrators shall be hired by the board to assist the superintendent in the day-to-day operations of the school district.


Each attendance center shall have a building principal responsible for the administration and operation of the attendance center.  Each building principal, as chief administrator of the assigned attendance center, shall be responsible for the building and grounds, for the students and employees assigned to the attendance center, for school activities at the attendance center, for the education program offered in the attendance center, and the budget for the attendance center.  The principal shall be considered the professional advisor to the superintendent in matters pertaining to the attendance center supervised by the principal.  Although the principals serve under the direction of the superintendent, duties of the principal may include, but not be limited to the following:


1.      Be responsible for knowing and for administering the general policies and programs of the Mitchell Schools as they apply in their buildings and for making available to the staff all general school regulations as they are enacted by the Board of Education or the superintendent.


2.      Be the final administrative authority in their building within the limits of the law, board policies and instructions from the Superintendent, with which they must be familiar.


3.      Keep the superintendent fully advised as to the conditions and needs of the school, through established channels, and otherwise as may seem desirable.


4.      Be responsible, in light of general policies, plans, and regulations, for the detailed organization of the program. They shall make regular and thorough inspections of the school property in their charge and shall direct the operating and maintenance workers at their school as activities may effect the work of the school and they shall assist in the development of the school budget and keep such business records and execute such business forms as may be required.


5.      Be responsible for taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard the health and the general well being of their staff and of the children in their school, and, to this end, they shall provide definite plans by which the school staff and custodial force may be able to provide for the safety and care of the children in case of fire, storm, or other sudden danger to the school plant and they shall see that the children are adequately trained to make such plans effective at any time in case of need.




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6.      Not absent themselves from their school without leaving a staff member in charge to assume their responsibilities, and if it involves traveling outside the district, they shall secure approval of the superintendent. When leaving the office for any extended time for whatever purpose, they shall notify the secretary of their whereabouts and the approximate time of return.


7.      Handle all complaints affecting their school, investigate the same where facts seem to warrant, refer to the superintendent cases which cannot be adjusted satisfactorily and redress legitimate grievances where possible.


8.      Evaluate the efficiency of each member of the staff in accordance with directions from the superintendent and school board.


9.      Be responsible for advising the superintendent as to whether in their judgment the supervision of instruction in his building, as performed by themselves, represents a unified and coordinated plan for the improvement of instruction as approved by the superintendent and school board. (cross reference teacher evaluation)


10.  Be responsible for suspension of pupils and for recommendations to the superintendent and the board for dismissal of pupils.


11.  Report immediately, in full and in writing, to the superintendent any serious infringement of property rights within their building, any breach of contract affecting the facilities, any serious injury to any pupil or member of the school staff which may occur at a time or place wherein the right of responsibilities of the school may be involved.


12.  Be responsible for the administration of a system of accounting for all monies from student activities, student fees or fines, and for any other funds belonging to the school, all of which shall be in accord with a central plan of accounts and carried out under the supervision of the superintendent and through the secretary of the board.


13.  Be responsible for  administering the policies of the board in regard to student participation as groups or individuals in contests out of state or beyond school boundaries and for seeing that these policies are followed for student tours, field trips, and the use of buses by student groups.


14.  Be responsible, within the limits of established policy, for setting up the duties and work schedules of secretarial and clerical employees.


15.  Shall examine, with the counselor (secondary), the record of new pupils and assign them to their proper rooms or classes, and recommend to the superintendent all special case of promotion.


16.  Conduct fire drills at least once a month and report any defective fire and safety equipment.


17.  Conduct meetings with teachers in their buildings from time to time for such matters as pertain to the welfare of that building or the school system in general and for such professional study as may be decided upon.


18.  Maintain awareness of building personnel in their charge and instruct these people of energy conservation measures.


19.  Plan for and carry out a program of staff in service education by individual building or in conjunction with other educational agencies.


20.  Be responsible for the orientation and in-service training as required in board policy of new teachers assigned to their school.


21.  Keep abreast of modern trends in education by an on going self-education program through educational journals, organizations, seminars, college refresher and graduate courses.


22.  Maintain an active interest in and participate in community affairs and promote good school community relations.


23.  Maintain close contact with and promote good relations with his peers in area schools.


24.  Confer with the superintendent on all matters not covered by school board policy.


25.  Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent of school board.


26.  Maintain an inventory of all district-owned property (other than consumable supplies) within their building and a listing of its condition.


Cross Reference:         301      Administrative Structure