The Board may appoint advisory committees to study problems and recommend solutions, provide information or perform assigned tasks as directed by the Board of Education and administered by the superintendent.


The members of each group shall be instructed regarding the specific duties and the length of time that each is being asked to serve, and the service the board wishes it to render.  The group shall also be instructed regarding its relationship with the board and with the staff.


The board shall have sole power to dissolve any of its advisory groups at any time during the life of any group.


Structure and Composition

The board shall adopt whatever advisory group structure and organization it deems appropriate to the assignment at hand. The type of board-appointed group shall be as follows:

1.      The size and the composition of the group shall be determined by the board according to the group function.

2.      There shall be a beginning date, purpose, and ending date.

3.      If staff members are appointed to any citizen's advisory committee for the board, they shall constitute a minority of any such committee.


Joint Meetings

If the group is a committee and the assigned function necessitates a meeting with the board, such a joint meeting should be arranged by the superintendent.


Minutes of the joint meeting will be recorded, and copies of the minutes will be submitted to the board and committee members.



Correspondence between the board and its advisory group will be coordinated by the superintendent.


Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 84-1408 to 1414


Cross Reference:                     104      Educational and Operational Planning

                                                204.05 Open Meetings

                                                204.06 Closed Sessions

                                                1001    Principles and Objectives for Community Relations




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