The president of the board shall appoint standing committees and, upon authorization of the board, may appoint special committees to perform some particular duty or responsibility. A special committee will cease to function when its duty has been performed.


a)      Americanism Committee

The Board of Education shall, at the beginning of each school year, appoint from its members, a committee of three to be known as the Committee on Americanism. The duties shall be those as prescribed by the law.


b)      The superintendent may suggest committees, which may include one to three board members to serve on an annual basis for the purposes of research, study, and recommendations. These committees will have no policy making authority, take no formal action, or hold formal hearings. Based on the guidelines listed above, no pubic meeting notice will be necessary for such committee work.



Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 79-724                                                 


Cross Reference:                     201.01 Board Powers and Responsibilities

                                                203.01 Board Organizational Meeting






















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