It shall be the responsibility of the board to annually appoint a board treasurer.


It shall be the responsibility of the treasurer to receive the funds collected for the district by the county treasurer, to pay out the funds for expenses approved by the board, to maintain accurate accounting records for each fund, to manage districtís investments for the maximum benefit to the district, to report monthly and annually the status of all district funds and investments, and to file required reports with the appropriate state agencies and other entities.


The treasurer will work with the secretary to coordinate the recording, preserving and reporting of financial records, reports, cash flow needs and district investments.


If the treasurer is unable or unwilling to carry out the duties required, it shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or other person designated by the board to carry out the duties of the treasurer.


The treasurer shall do one of the following within ten days after election to the position:

1.      Give bond in an amount set by the board of not less than $500 and not more than double the amount of money to come into his/her hands as treasurer at any one time.

2.      Give evidence of an equal amount of insurance coverage by the district.†


The cost of the bond or insurance coverage will be paid by the school district.


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