The primary purpose for board self-evaluation is for the improvement of school board leadership.  In evaluating the board’s functions and roles, the board may focus attention to the following:


1.         Evaluation shall be conducted annually at a scheduled time and place;


2.         The evaluation should be a composite of the individual board members’ opinions;


3.         The evaluation should include a constructive discussion of strengths and                                 weaknesses; and


4.         The board should be free to comment on any area related to its function of                                          governing the district.


The board and superintendent will cooperatively develop an evaluation plan that annually evaluates the various aspects of the board’s functions, duties, and roles.  The evaluation will include the following items:


1.         The evaluation instrument shall define and describe the standards against which                     the board evaluates its performance.


2.         The evaluation shall include the establishment of objectives and strategies for                         improving board performance.


3.         The evaluation shall analyze progress toward existing board goals and examine                      the need to establish new or revised goals.


Legal Reference:                     Neb. Statute 79-526


Cross Reference:                     102      Educational Philosophy of the District

                                                104      Educational and Operational Planning

                                                201.01 Board Powers and Responsibilities

                                                702.02 Budget Planning, Preparation and Schedules

                                                902.01 Buildings and Sites Long Range Planning

                                                1001    Principles and Objectives for Community Relations







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